Benefits Available for Home Care

Home Care Options

The most popular choice for anyone who needs long term care is to live and age at home. While this is the desire of many people, it is not a practical option given the inability to perform daily living activities such as bathing oneself, feeding oneself and moving one's body from place to place. Living and aging at home is also the preference of the governmental organizations that manage benefits programs such as Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare that manages the Medicaid program for Pennsylvania.

There are many programs available that offer assistance to those who are in need of additional care at home. A few of these are: PDA Waiver, Veteran's Home Bound Benefits, LIFE programs and Personal Care Agreements.

At Zacharia & Brown, our goal is always to keep clients out of nursing facilities. With enough time and opportunity to plan ahead, we can be very successful at setting up an estate plan that will help our clients gain access to a variety of benefit programs. We can also utilize these home care programs to keep our clients in the comfort and security of their own home. Here is a sampling of some of these programs: