Medicaid Benefits Single Person

Medicaid eligibility, whether for a single person or a married couple can be best understood by breaking it down into four (4) categories: Assets, Income, Gifting and Estate Recovery. The rules as they apply to single individuals are rather straightforward. The rules, as they apply to a married couple are extremely complex.

Generally speaking, a single individual applying for Medicaid must spend down his financial assets, to a few thousand dollars, before he can obtain benefits (some assets can be excluded from the spend down). Unless the applicant owns nothing, including no house and no car, and has not given anything away in recent years, the hiring of an experienced elder law attorney like those at Zacharia & Brown is a necessity. Plus, since the person must spend down anyway, there is no additional cost to hire an attorney to help. Zacharia & Brown can be hired from a portion of the money that must otherwise be spent down in order to achieve benefits. For the majority of people, an elder law attorney is one of the most important expenditures they can make.

Consider this. When a single person is applying for Medicaid for nursing home care, he is told that his home is not a countable asset. This is true. However the catch is in what the person is not told. He is not told that the home will be subject to estate recovery when he passes away. In addition, the Medicaid recipient is not permitted to use his monthly income to pay the household taxes, maintenance insurance or utilities, in most cases. How do you manage that? Too often the family members, not being aware of the Estate Recovery Program, pay the taxes and bills only to find out that they will not be reimbursed. It is important to note that in some cases, the home may be given to a child without being subject to the anti-gifting laws. Sometimes it may not be subject to estate recovery at all. Zacharia & Brown will help you make determinations on all of these complicated issues.

There are opportunities to save money, save the house, and protect the family and their life savings. The attorneys at Zacharia & Brown have the knowledge and experience to analyze your case and to maximize your life savings. We will provide guidance during the entire process. A typical Medicaid application can take as long as six (6) months or more to complete. Nearly 100% of our clients have been relieved to have us on their side throughout the ordeal. Remember: in most cases, people who go through the application on their own end up spending all of their savings on the nursing home. A better and more prudent choice is to take a small amount of finances away from what you would otherwise spend on the nursing home and hire Zacharia & Brown to guide you and save you money.