Life Care Planning

Finding, Getting, and Paying for Good Care for Your Loved One.

Life Care Planning includes asset preservation, legal documents and strategies. It also provides guidance regarding decision making on the appropriate care of a loved one. Zacharia & Brown can provide the services of an Elder Care Coordinator. This Zacharia & Brown staff member is a registered nurse with many years of experienced in geriatrics and long term care. Our Life Care services involve the assessment of our client's needs and help to educate the family on the products, services, and solutions available. Most families, when confronted with a sudden illness of a loved one have no knowledge or experience in the options and choices that they must now make. These are serious choices that involve the life and well being of their loved one. Life Care Planning is the answer.

Life Care Planning takes place across three domains:






Personal Care

Traditional elder law has always incorporated the first two domains. Zacharia & Brown is one of the oldest and well established elder law firms in western Pennsylvania. In addition to the legal documentation and benefit applications, Zacharia & Brown's Life Care Planning includes the advice and guidance our clients need in making crucial decisions on the care of their loved ones. For example: Of all the living options available, which is best for your loved one? How do you pay for it now? What about the future? What if you run out of money? What benefits are available to help pay the cost? Are there benefits to pay for home care? Life Care Planning helps provide the education and guidance you will need to answer these questions and many others.

The Role of the Elder Care Coordinator

Initial & Ongoing Assessments:

An initial assessment is made regarding the medical condition and abilities of the elderly person. Their condition is placed on a long term care continuum and the family is educated and informed of the options available to them now, and what they may want to consider for the future as the loved one progresses across the continuum. As life goes on, the family will have ongoing assessments available as needed; as well as, continuing counseling, support and guidance in making these crucial decisions in life.

Identification of Services and Providers:

Life Care Planning includes assistance in helping the family identify the services and providers available to them such as specialized services that they may not be aware of, and durable medical equipment that may be of benefit. It also includes possible benefits and programs to help pay for that care and equipment. Perhaps of greatest value, our Elder Care Coordinator will assist our clients in finding, reviewing and evaluating the best possible living residence given the condition of the loved one.

What Steps are Involved

  1. Medical Assessment
    Because it is a Plan, a Life Care Plan begins with an assessment of your loved one's medical condition, medications, living arrangements, and physical and mental abilities. Along with this is an assessment of the caretaker's abilities and condition.
  2. Asset and Income Analysis
    In addition to the personal care assessment, there is also a financial analysis to determine your loved one's ability to pay for, and to be eligible for a number of different benefit programs that exist today for the elderly citizens.
  3. Large Document Review
    At this stage we will review all of your existing legal documents and make recommendations for changes or additions to your Estate Plan. This may include and Elder Law Centered Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, and in some cases changes to the deed, specialized Trust Agreements and other legal asset protection planning strategies.
  4. Asset Usage and Protection Plan
    At this stage, we should have a good idea of your loved one's current physical and mental condition, the living arrangements, care needs, and benefit programs available now, or possibly in the future. We will also make recommendations on how to structure ownership and title to various assets to assure that your loved one has the money available to pay for his or her care as needed. We will make certain he or she receives all other benefits for which he or she qualifies.