Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits Zacharia and BrownZacharia & Brown helps clients by utilizing The Improved Pension Program has add-on programs called Aid & Attendance as well as the Home Bound Program. As with most other areas of elder law, these programs are complicated and can take many months to obtain benefits for which you qualify. Those who attempt to get these benefits on their own, without any planning often learn three or four months into the application cycle that they did something wrong and must start over.

Zacharia & Brown employs VA accredited attorneys. We understand the programs and the requirements that are involved. Our attorneys can help you plan for and ultimately obtain benefits if you meet the VA requirements. As with most other areas of elder law, obtaining benefits can be challenging. It is also a field where there is a lot of misunderstanding. For example, most people are informed that VA benefits are only for a Veteran who demonstrates a need. While the veteran is certainly a "primary eligibility person", benefits are not limited to only the Veteran. The surviving spouse of a deceased, otherwise eligible veteran may also qualify for a benefit. In addition, an otherwise eligible, healthy veteran who has an ill spouse, in need of additional care, is also eligible. This last example is not understood nor realized by most people, even those who work in the field.

VA benefits are a part of the arsenal of benefits utilized by the attorneys at Zacharia & Brown to help our clients obtain good care and obtain help in paying for that care.