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Business Sales and Acquisitions

Navigating a Business Purchase or Sale

Asset Purchase or Sale Agreement

Whether you are looking to purchase an existing business or sell your own small business, our attorneys can assist with drafting all of the necessary legal documents to effectuate the sale or purchase of a business. These agreements can list tangible assets such as real estate, supplies, equipment, and furniture, and/or intangible items such as a customer/client list, accounts payable, or vendor lists. In an asset sales agreement, it is necessary to include an inventory of all tangible assets, just as it is necessary to include defined language regarding all intangible business assets. Finally, the agreement should address how the purchase price is being paid (cash versus ownership interest), when the closing will take place, what the due diligence period is for the buyer, and other miscellaneous items specific to each transaction.

Our attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that all necessary documents are finalized, and all business assets are included in your asset purchase or sales agreement. We will also provide you with crucial legal advice up to and including the time of the closing for your business.

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