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Failure to Plan for Long Term Care

Comfort, Care and Peace

Creating Options Through Planning

Far too many people believe that elder law involves doing everything you can to obtain Medicaid benefits for nursing home care. Perhaps this is because some elder law attorneys mainly focus on the financial aspects of long term care. That is NOT the emphasis at Zacharia Brown. We approach every client from the perspective of finding the appropriate level care first, and then developing a financial plan to support that level of care. There are so many excellent options available that care in a nursing home should be the last resort. The key is to have a plan. Such a plan is termed a Life Care Plan.

A Life Care Plan

A Life Care Plan involves a review of one's health care issues, financial status, income status, and legal documentation. From that starting point, we can create a unique plan for you based specifically on your needs. This will in turn help to provide you with what everyone desires as they get older: comfort, care, peace of mind and dignity.

Having a plan will give you options, help protect your assets and help you obtain benefits from various programs when you are eligible. Your plan may involve retitling of some assets into a trust; making certain that the house you live in has secured safeguards; planning for Veterans eligibility and minimizing or eliminating the need for Medicaid and nursing home care.

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