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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat!

As we make our way through the hottest month of the year, it is a perfect time to review some helpful safety tips for seniors in beating the heat. To that end, we are happy to share this guest blog from Alarms.com. The frequency of heat waves has grown higher and higher in recent years,…

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When Can an Adult Child Be Liable for a Parent’s Nursing Home Bill?

Although a nursing home cannot require a child to be personally liable for their parent’s nursing home bill, there are circumstances in which children can end up having to pay. Consequently, it is important to consult with an elder law attorney who can help you understand your rights and obligations under any admission agreements before they…

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Where’s My New Medicare Card? How to Find Out the Status

The federal government has begun mailing new Medicare cards to 59 million Americans. You should keep track of when your new card will arrive and contact Medicare if you don’t receive it. To prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the federal government is issuing new cards to all Medicare beneficiaries that will no longer have…

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Take These Three Steps When Your Child Turns 18

With high school graduations just behind us and college on the horizon, you may already feel as though you are losing control of your child’s life.  Unfortunately, you may be right in more ways than one! Once your child reaches the age of 18, the state considers him (or her) to be an adult with…

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More States Asking to Eliminate Retroactive Medicaid Benefits

Arizona and Florida are the latest states to request a waiver from the requirement that states provide three months of retroactive Medicaid coverage to eligible Medicaid recipients. Medicaid law allows a Medicaid applicant to be eligible for benefits for up to three months before the month of the application if the applicant met eligibility requirements…

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Five Options to Solve Caregiving Issues With Your Siblings

This week we are happy to share with you a guest blog post from Hope Grows. Caregiving for aging parents is a tough job. It’s done with a lot of love and self-sacrifice. However, even those positive attributes can get challenged because of issues with siblings. Sibling conflicts arising out of caring for aging parents…

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Choosing Retirement Account Beneficiaries Requires Some Thought

While the execution of wills requires formalities like witnesses and a notary, the reality is that most property passes to heirs through other, less formal means. Many bank and investments accounts, as well as real estate, have joint owners who take ownership automatically at the death of the primary owner. Other banks and investment companies…

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Are Medicare Advantage Plans Steering Enrollees to Lower-Quality Nursing Homes?

A new study has found that people enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan were more likely to enter a lower quality nursing home than were people in traditional Medicare. The study raises questions about whether Medicare Advantage plans are influencing beneficiaries’ decisionmaking when it comes to choosing a nursing home. Medicare Advantage plans, an alternative…

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Tax Deductions for Assisted Living Costs

With tax time upon us again this year, it is a good time to discuss which expenses and costs you are able to deduct when it comes to assisted living communities. If you or a family member lives in an assisted living facility, you know that assisted living costs continue to rise every year. But…

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