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Administering Your Estate: What Happens After You Pass Away?

Estate Administration or Probate in Pennsylvania is a legal process that occurs after a person has passed away. As part of the process, a personal representative is appointed by opening an estate at the County Register of Wills where the decedent resided at the time of his or her death. It is the job of…

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Your Will And Beneficiary Designations – Who Gets What?

In the area of Estate Planning, one common misconception many people share is that the entirety of their assets will be distributed in accordance with their Last Will and Testament. For instance, if a person’s Will states that their estate is to be divided equally between their three children, many people incorrectly assume that each…

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The Most Important Document You May Not Have

In the estate planning world, many people seek our counsel with regard to creating or updating their Will or Trust. And while these documents do serve specific functions regarding disposition of assets upon one’s passing, many clients are neglecting to inquire about one of the most important estate planning documents they will ever need, a…

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A New Year’s Resolution to Keep

At the start of a new year, it is inevitable that people will make one or several resolutions to accomplish in the year ahead. Unfortunately, in many cases, these resolutions fall by the wayside and are never completed. The start of 2017 is a perfect time to examine your personal situation and come up with…

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